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Nursery Tree Stakes

H. Schwartz & Sons manufactures and distributes Ultrastake Nursery Tree Stakes:  http://www.ultrastake.com/


"Ultrastake is the only brand of fiberglass tree stakes we use. We have tried other manufacturer's stakes but they do not offer the same longevity in the field. Some of our Ultrastake stakes are on their fifth rotation and show no signs of giving up. Using Ultrastake instead of bamboo is a no brainer".

- Steve Black from Reamelton Farms

"Very happy with your stake’s durability. The tapered ends are a big plus."

- Kenneth Beil

UltrastakeBrand Fiberglass Tree Stakes

  • Reduced tree defects: Keeps your stock growing straight.
  • No staking drawbacks: Flexibility creates "wind stress" that encourages larger caliper, robust roots and stronger stock.
  • Longevity: UV inhibitors, flex glass fibers, and our exclusive polyester "Diamond Veil" prevent fiberglass breakage and slivering  better than any other stake.
  • Durability: Will not rust, split, freeze, rot, or peel like paint.
  • Pointed ends for easy insertion at no extra cost .
  • Economical: With fewer defects and no need to replace every year return on investment in as little as one year.

Contact us to order Ultrastake Fiberglass tree Stakes.