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H Schwartz & Sons Brand Greenhouse / High Tunnels

Greenhouse frames from H. Schwartz & Sons Inc of Wilmington, Delaware, are ideal for nursery and farming operations. Count on us to help you select the perfect growing shelter for your unique needs.

H. Schwartz & Sons manufactures a line of High Tunnel / Greenhouses for commercial farming and nursery operations. High Tunnels / Greenhouses are usually unheated structures that can extend the growing season for plants, flowers, vegetables, and fruit.  They can also be used year round. Our "Greenhouse" model differs from our "cold frame" model in that each hoop on our High Tunnel / Greenhouse is made with two pieces of pipe (usually 21 or 24 foot long) in a "Gothic style"while the "cold frame" has single piece (of pipe) hoop in a half moon design. Our High Tunnel/ Greenhouses are available in standard widths of 28 & 30 foot with a center peak height of approximately 13'6". Extra height may be achieved by using our optional extra long ground sleeves.

Our Cold Frames Included with Each House:

• 25 Hoops for 4' Spacing for 96' Long House
  (Custom Lengths Available)
• 50 Ground Sleeves

• One Center Ridge Purlin with Connectors 

  Two side Purlins with connectors

• 25 Crossover Clamp Purlin Connectors

Contact us to order a cold frame, which will give you the ideal growing environment season after season.